In the event the sexy guy who merely requested you out spends his vacations on a bike, please state yes.

Listed below are 15 reasons to date a cyclist:

1. Two terms: bicycle short pants.

2. It really is science: Cyclists are hot. A recent study unearthed that cyclists exactly who excelled within the trip de France tend to be perceived as more appealing than many other athletes — which the utmost effective 10 % of cyclists „is about 25 percent more attractive than the least expensive 10 %.“ Perhaps fast is the new-rich?

3. Cyclists are wise. In accordance with a recent Mindlab study, people look at cyclists as 13 % much more intelligent compared to the average person.

4. Cyclists are good. In accordance with the exact same review, cyclists are generally viewed as ten percent a lot more charitable than non-cyclists.

5. The go out is available for a little while. Pro cyclists live, typically, 6.3 more decades than non-cyclists. (Um, provided that they do not get struck by an automobile.)

6. Cyclists are useful. After years of honing bike-maintenance abilities, your own date shall be upwards for fixing things throughout the house, too.

7. The fantastic out-of-doors. If you should be tired of internet dating interior kitties, date a cyclist. You will get reacquainted with character. And maybe even take a trip a bit more.

8. Cyclists are committed — and do not accept beat. Ideally this extends to their own search for connection success, as well.

9. No sluggish bums here, simply nicely toned types. Cyclists are self-disciplined, often carefully thus, and can resist the current weather to obtain their flights in.

10. Cyclists are continually establishing targets on their own. If you want a forward-thinking go out, look absolutely no further.

11. Cyclists have fantastic near-death-experience tales to share, and this is precisely why they may be in addition sticklers about security.

12. You could begin biking, as well! The big date shall be delighted to generally share his/her interest for all the sport. Actually, everyone can participate in, should the both of you at some point procreate.

13. Cyclists cannot call-in sick. In accordance with a 2013 study of the National pattern system, cyclists just take half the quantity of sick days as his or her general public transportation-riding co-workers.

14. Believe your own big date’s fixation using the open road is actually slightly over-the-top? He’s saner than you imagine. Studies have shown that energetic exercise like bicycling can enhance concentration and mind while decreasing anxiety and stress. The bicycle will work for his mind.

15. Love the earth? Bicycling is really as green since it gets.

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